Structural sun protection prevent overheating.

They stop the sun’s rays before they come into contact with glazed surfaces. Undesired heat and blinding light do not enter the building. This means no blinding or annoying reflections on TV or computer screens. And yet you still retain visual contact with your environment. The view outside is important, and it is respected.


Sunclips® blades

Sunclips® are C-shaped extruded aluminium blades, mounted on a fixed supporting structure. The Sunclips® system is installed horizontally on the façade to achieve the desired shading effect. The Sunclips® Classic SC.096 is ideal if you want a slim design. The Sunclips® EVO range is more aerodynamic. Sunclips® EVO comes in 3 sizes: SE.096SE.130 and SE.176, with 96, 130 and 176 mm oversizing, respectively.


Sunclips® installation methods

  • Brise-soleil

    • Blades positioned below
    • Curved blades positioned below
    • Blades positioned above
    • Sunclips® cassettes
  • Vertical

    • Sunclips® vertical – on mullions
    • Sunclips® vertical – cassette system