About Brise-soleil and solar shading

You can also choose from a wide range of fixed or portable aluminium systems for the creation of optimal solar shading.

There is the option of horizontal brise-soleil above the window. During the summer this structural horizontal sun protection offer good shade without obscuring the view outside and during the winter, with the low position of the sun, allow heat from the sun to radiate in your building.

A second option is vertical solar shading, fixed or movable aluminium blades which are vertically attached in front of the windows with a vertical support structure on the wall.

Horizontal brise-soleil

Especially above windows in south facing facades horizontal structural sun protection offer the ideal solution for managing the heat entry by solar radiation, without obstructing free view. During the summer, with the high position of the sun, they offer an ideal protection against overheating. During the winter, when the sun is low, they allow the heat in the building. In addition this sructural sun protection is very maintenance friendly.

Recommended overhang of the structural sun protection

In order to achieve an optimal result from your louver it is important that the overhang is correctly matched to the situation. The orientation of your façade and the height of the window to be shade are thereby crucial elements. The dimensions which Renson® advises for your louver in the attached table, are calculated 75% of the total incident heat radiation is kept out by your louver during the summer.


Recommended values for the projection of a louver, depend on:

  • The window height WH
  • The orientation of the facade

 Vertical solar shading


Where in addition to overheating during the summer, blinding light should also be avoided throughout the whole year, vertical sun protection screens offer the solution. In places where transparency is of secondary importance, you can opt for a fixed construction. The degree of free view is determined by the type of product you apply.

Fixed construction

This can be implemented in 2 ways:

  1. Box: The blades are screwed between individual or common end plates, after which they are attached to the building structure Whether or not with a certain angle of inclination.
  2. Quickfix®: using the patented Quickfix® System the blades can be quickly and easily be clipped to a support structure.

Portable construction

In many situations, the combination of requirements in terms of desired sun protection fabrics, light and transparency, does not permit the choice of a fixed sun protection structure. In these cases, multiple portable systems are possible, such as a sun protection with swivelling blades. Such sun protection is fully lockable and ensures, with low position of the sun, that the windows are completely shielded from the sun. With a higher position of the sun, or on cloudy days, the sun protection fabrics can be opened, allowing a good free view again.

Architectural solutions

In addition to the standard sun protection and sliding panels RENSON® also has a wide range of tailored solutions.

  • Curved structural sun protection: structural sun protection based on curved blades, for mounting on curved facades
  • Corner solutions: for continuous structural sun protection on building corners
  • Structural sun protection with Icarus®-slats (lenticular slats)
  • Permanent sun protection walls
  • Portable sun protection surfaces with manual or electric swivelling, lenticular slats
  • Sliding shutters with extra large dimensions

Professional testing by RENSON®

Dimensioning of the sun protection

The dimensioning of your optimal sun protection, will take into account the varying positions of the sun, the orientation of the façade, the dimensions of the windows to protect you and your specific wishes regarding management of natural sunlight, preventing unpleasant reflections or risk of glare.

Stability (wind tunnel)


RENSON® sun protections were designed using the latest techniques in the field of COD simulation and in cooperation with recognised research institutions such as CSTC-Von Karman Institute, CSTB … Additionally, all products were extensively tested for stability and durability.

Stability and dimensioning

For the various RENSON®products the applicable conditions were established in accordance with applicable Euro codes, which are based on product characteristics and the local wind loads and snow loads.

Colour options in aluminium

The visible parts of the aluminium sun protection screens (box, bottom rail and side channels) and structural sun protection (profiles, blades) are available in anodised aluminium or in all standard RAL colours.
A selection* of the most trendy colours:

A selection of the most trendy colours

Konstruktiivsed päikesevarjud - värvivalik 1 Konstruktiivsed päikesevarjud - värvivalik 2 Konstruktiivsed päikesevarjud - värvivalik 3