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Renson presents an innovative decentralised ventilation system with efficient heat recovery.

The ventilation is installed on the window frame and is suitable as well for new builds as for renovation.

The unique regenerator module is heated by the extracted air, the warmth is saved in the regenerator and transferred to the supplied air whenever the airflow changes direction. Continuous ventilation is ensured due to two cyclic fan-modules. The system is frost and condensation free thanks to its cyclic fans and excels by its high efficiency level up to 81%!
The customer will have a quiet, comfortable ventilation system with low energy costs. The ventilation system is in agreement with DIN 1946-6.


  • Demand-controlled ventilation thanks to integrated air quality sensors (only with TouchDisplay)
  • Filters (G3 / F7)

Product Specifications

  • Depth: 320 mm (345 mm incl. rain cover)
  • Height: 110 mm
  • Unique regenerator (heat recovery)
    • Efficiency: up to 81%
    • High efficiency (> 81%) with low airflows
    • Regenerator module is heated by the extracted air, the warmth is saved in the regenerator and transferred to the supplied air (whenever the airflows change direction)
  • Alternating ventilation modules
  • Frost and condensation free
  • Automatic bypass
  • Modular system
  • Ecolabel: A / A+

Modular system

Installation types

Available for both horizontal installation (on top of the window profile) and vertical installation (perfectly combinable with screens/roller shutters)

Various air supply possibilities and finishes on the inside


  • Operation

    • Automatic mode (only with TouchDisplay and BMS)
    • Silent mode
    • Timer
    • Demand controlled ventilation thanks to integrated CO2-sensor (only with TouchDisplay)
    • Boost function
    • Natural ventilation function
    • Closed mode with automatic or manual activation
    • Manual mode
    • Bypass with automatic activation
  • Filter warning on control and device
  • Dynamic facade pressure compensation


  • TouchDisplay
    with indication of indoor air quality and ventilation level

    • Integrated air quality sensor
    • Different ventilation levels
    • Indication of active program
    • Wireless communication with ventilation module
    • 1 x 230V/50Hz
    • Up to 3 Endura Twists can be controlled by 1 TouchDisplay
    • Filter warning + error log
  • endura-twist-bedienung-tastenbedienungButton Control
    • Button cell battery
    • Wireless communication with ventilation module
    • Only 1 Endura Twist can be controlled by 1 button control
    • Filter warning + error log
  • Building management system (BMS)

    • Same programs as the TouchDisplay
    • Extra:
      • Continuously alternating
      • Continuously non-alternating
      • All-in
      • All-out
      • Manual bypass

Optional G3- or F7-Filter

  • High efficiency
  • Easy to replace
  • Filterwarning indicates when the filters need to be replaced



A unique control system with a colour screen informs the residents about the climate inside the house at all times of the day, and shows how the ventilation system improves the quality of the indoor air.

Measuring indoor air quality

The presence of people, computers, printers and other devices leads to indoor air polution, which can, among other things, be seen in the high ppm (parts per million) of carbon dioxide values. The carbon dioxide level is a recognised parameter for indoor air quality and is often the unexpected cause of many health problems.

Personalizable program

Button control

The wireless button control with RF-communication is very easy to install.

You can easily choose between different modes and ventilation levels.